I moved back to Maine a couple years ago, and I no longer feel restless. I no longer feel like I should be running off to New York City, or the West Coast, or anywhere other than a place where everyone grows their own tomatoes and burns wood in the winter and works hard for their money.
Since moving back, I have fallen in love and married a fellow Polish Mainer, acquired 5 fluffy chickens and 2 disagreeable guinea fowl, developed a taste for real estate, and hiked more trails over and over again than I care to admit.


13 thoughts on “About

  1. Amy! This is beautiful! Keep writing and keep your enthusiasm for life and sensitivity and romantic nature! I look forward to more posts.

  2. Amy, I’ve been a fan of your intrepid pursuits ever since we met you through Anna during UVM days! Not too many people following their bliss (Joseph Campbell) these days and it will be joyous to keep up with you. Love to you on your journey. Marci Olson

    1. thank you, marci! i am so glad you found this little project of mine. you and anna have always been so sweet to me. i hope that some december, i will,once again, have an excuse to come to manchester and laugh in your kitchen. hopefully you won’t mind. much love.

  3. absolute pure joy!! I am so happy you are on this gorgeous earth, in beautiful Maine, writing fun stories (bedtime for me) i love it!!

  4. One of our goals in moving to Maine was to simplify our lives. We’ve failed miserably; Too many interesting things to do!!

  5. Amy! I’m so happy to have stumbled across your blog–I gotta say–this is the best advice blog i’ve found for myself so far while planning for a solo female SOBO AT thru-hike next year (btw “solo female SOBO AT thru-hike” is the best tongue-twister). ANYWAY! Thank you for being awesome and I would love any advice you have for me!

    ❤ Kristin

  6. Hey whoopie pie- want to loosely join me on a SOBO of the PCT this June? Or a SOBO of the Te Araroa in New Zealand next Nov?

    The 6th sense of direction is getting more urgent in it’s call; and maybe I’ll find a way to put it all together in the end, within words.

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