The Soul of the Unity House

They tried to fix her hair over and over again, but it settled on an unmistakable shade of green. At the very least, they could have kindly matched her eyebrows as a blonde but no, a bright auburn in perfect arches as if she was forever caught in a moment of surprise. A tan brought out the whites of her eyes, yet her skin was already so pale and freckled, why a tan over that?
Her clothes, bought from desirable labels, an attempt at sophistication, either exposed a little skin on her front and back or were purchased several sizes too big…..


2 thoughts on “The Soul of the Unity House

  1. the green hair was so distracting that I didn’t notice she was wearing seven layers of clothes. She laughed at me and said she remembered every fellow who gave her something new (as it would fix her problems which never really did go away) and who did I think I was to unlock all her secrets anyway?

    “I’m here to help you breathe on your own,” I told her as we fumbled for the buttons.

    Getting undressed from seven layers added on after so much time is something you do from the inside, ( a person is always bigger on the inside if you think about it) and I could feel her trembly laugh as she became who she was from a younger self. This was a woman with scars. Old ones, the kind that come with a story even if you can’t remember what it was or who she was with.

    (to be continued)

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