To My Valentine

I did what I always wanted to do as a little girl but never thought I would do as a grown woman: I married my knight-in-shining-armor. Our first date was less of a date and more of a rescue mission in which neither the damsel-in-distress nor McGyver wanted to say good-bye. I became in awe of him from the moment he agreed with me that my rental car turned out to be a lemon, and it has become a bottomless pit of awe ever since. Every time I wake up next to him, I think he looks like a big angel with perpetually messy hair and a strong sturdy build that mirrors my own….until he wakes up and he is all boy: we go into the cell phone store and he just wants to take every phone apart, his eternally sparkling blue eyes light up a little bit more when discussing anything with an engine, he just wants more time to putter around in his lab. With all of his interest and abilities to save the world, he has hands that could be insured for a million dollars.


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