Unveiling my Vows

I promise to love you no matter what.

We do not know the topography of our future, but we are the ones who will navigate the trail.

Every day, I promise to wake up and try to love you how you deserve to be loved and treat you as the beautiful soul I know you to be.

I vow to speak my mind and listen to yours. I pray for the insight to know when I am wrong (frequently!?), and admit it. I will rely on the important words–“thank you”, “I am sorry”, “I love you”. I will teach our children to use these words with sincerity and frequency.

I promise to support you on the blue sky days and when it seems the sun never rose. I will generously give you space to maintain, grow, and see into fruition your dreams and authentic self. I ask for the same.

I vow to encourage you to cultivate strong relationships with family and friends…..

I love you.


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